Customer Satisfaction

Tiffany E. - Board Treasurer, Oakland

Bridgeport was not our first management company, but has been managing our HOA since about 2002 - around the time I joined the board. They had to pick up the pieces from a dysfunctional management company that closed its doors, and work with our HOA which had just started a (4 year) construction defect litigation process.

In our experience, Bill (owner), Chris and the entire Bridgeport team has been really great to work with - telephone reception is consistently courteous and responsive, mailings are timely and informative, and project management is comprehensive and focused on quality work with cost control. They keep up to date with changing HOA laws, follow through with board pet projects and pet peeves, and even brings us unsolicited proposals every now and then for us to consider in order to cut costs, or improve the common area. For example, Chris recently convinced us to swap out our Exit light signage to LED signs and replace all our garage light fixtures with energy efficient fluorescent ones. Our energy costs have decreased 20% as a result, so the projects have already paid for themselves. Their emergency and on-call process works well, and on more than one occasion, I've seen Chris or one of his co-workers out here responding to after hours emergency issues.

I manage individual condos in 5 other buildings in Oakland and beyond and I can honestly say Bridgeport is the most personal and responsive management company of them all. I really appreciate that I know their staff by name and that they always answer their phones during working hours - no voicemail messages! And we haven't experienced any staff turnover with them. Chris has been with us since the start. In fact, he practically got a standing ovation at our Annual Meeting last week. We do really love working with Chris and The Bridgeport Company.

Kathleen R. - President, Board of Directors, Mountain View
Peter S. - President, Board of Directors, Oakland
Laura F. - Homeowner, Concord
Steve L. - President, Board of Directors, San Ramon

The Bridgeport Management Co. has managed our HOA in San Ramon, CA, for approximately 15 years. As a Board member and president the majority of that time I can acknowledge and express appreciation for the excellent services provided by the entire Bridgeport staff. Mr. Bavelas, the owner, has always kept abreast of current regulations, helped direct the actions of the Board and resolved all issues to the complete satisfaction of the Association. I would highly recommend The Bridgeport Co.

Pete B. - Board Member, Danville
David Gibbons - Senior Vice President, Barry Swenson Builder
Michael M. - President, Board of Directors, Watsonville